It’s a long time now from that pub backroom somewhere in Welwyn, when a few musicians first got together over a pint or two for a monthly jam session on a Thursday night.

Many venues, many jazzers, many choruses of ‘A-train’ since, has brought us here in Kings Langley some twenty odd year ago. The Services Club has always been a friendly weekly venue and favourable comparisons with Ronnie Scott’s have often been made, with splendid acoustics, and vital to jazz musicians, an excellent bar. We have always been able to attract the best local bands and players plus occasionally top British artists also. The Jazz Club is now an integral part of the club’s. Programme of activities and with your support we hope will continue for many more years. From 2015 we have finally got up to date with a full Internet set-up and a web site to carry all the information you need. We have a new steering committee to keep it on track and this will be a relief for me with my list of ‘phone numbers and players on endless bits of paper!

Looking forward to seeing all, David Smith